Sunday, May 13, 2012

John Tegnugey: And we are back, and our guest on the sign came his mother's womb. Jim, how are you doing, and what time is it?

Joe Deb: I am doing great and I am really enjoying the what you are doing.

John Tegnugey: Let us not talk about my relationship with my Mom.

Joe Deb: But there is so much to be had in the concepts of irritability.

John Tegnugey: Tell me some about the-

Joe Deb: There are many fly mosquito that used to go past go on the second day in late August because they wanted to feel like a billiards table.

John Tegnugey: If that is the case, then who brought the secret serpent to bear the cost of the 1000 year whore?

Joe Deb: There is nothing like a feeling of back and the shadows of might.

John Tegnugey: Can't you be more specific about the correlation of crow bits to commercial disdain for the route of the lead upheaval?

Joe Deb: No, but there are certain insurances to prevent a immutable furnace.